I didn’t expect to have to create such a page. I mean, this blog isn’t an organisation or anything. But anyway, some posts have gotten popular and hence I’ve been getting similar comments, or rather questions. So we’d appreciate it if you take the time to read through this first before making a comment, thank you!

Also, please exercise basic courtesy when commenting. This really applies to commenting on any of the other blogs too…acting rude/blatant just makes us not want to answer you at all.

1) Do you know if this game comes in English?
All of the games we play and review here are in Japanese. So we’re unable to answer anything related to an English patch, and I would appreciate it if the topic isn’t brought up too.

Of course, now we are aware of the recent English localisations. So these are the games that have been reviewed here, which (will) have an official English release: 7’scarletAmnesiaCode:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~Collar x Malice, Collar x Malice -Unlimited-, Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpuchou~NORN9Princess ArthurPsychedelica of the Black Butterfly, Psychedelica of the AA-nisus, Taisho x Alice episode 1, Taisho x Alice episode 2.

2) Can you help me out with this game? How do I get this ending?
We’re generally open to helping people out with advice, especially with more complicated games. If it’s a straightforward game, I think searching for a (reliable) Japanese walkthroughs would be faster – that’s usually what we rely on to complete the game in the first place! (Search for the Japanese title + 攻略)

3) Can you upload the game/drama CD/scans/CG pack/etc?
Umm,  no? Please don’t mention/ask me for downloads.

4) Where can I buy the goods you’re reviewing?
Personally, I usually frequent CDJapan, and sometimes Comicomi Studio and Amiami. Honto.jp is cool too. I sometimes write the specific details in my post.

5) Can you play and review <insert game title>?
Sorry, but we don’t have the time for requests. Also, for any R-18 titles which I may play in the future, the reviews will be non-spoiler ones like what I wrote for Taisho Mebiusline.

6) Can you translate this game/scene/song?
Sorry, but we are not open to translations requests, and don’t have the time for it either.

7) Can I translate your posts into another language?
If you wish to do so, please ask me first. And after gaining permission, please link back to this blog/the post. Be warned that my reviews tend to have stupid typo errors though…

8) I think you made a (typo) error in your post!
That’s likely, as I usually work on my posts when my brain has been drained after work. ;;; So please just leave a comment and I’ll amend it asap – thank you!!

Important note about DMMd posts. Important note about translations etc. In any case, please don’t copy and paste our posts elsewhere no matter how small the amount. Also, please don’t direct-link any of the images on this blog. That’s all, thanks for reading!