Important note about MDZS / TGCF posts

28 APRIL 2019 UPDATE: I have approached and sorted things out with two youtube users. The first one did not delete the videos, but chose to blur out the subs. Please inform me if this user ever repeats their actions.

I have worked things out with the second youtube user. Things are fine now. Please don’t bother them.

Sadly, this incident has shown that if a person really wants to take your hard work, they will do whatever it takes even if you password-lock all your posts and put a stern warning. There is no way for me to judge their intentions if they disguise it well. So fine, I will make everything public again.

However, I ask for your cooperation in telling me if you ever see anyone using my translations without my knowledge/credit. I will approach them to settle things.

To everyone who keeps asking why I don’t sub my translations on the videos: I don’t want to repost another fan’s hard work without their permission. I have tried asking original uploaders but to no avail. So I could only proceed this way. I have many footnotes which I think will enhance people’s understanding, but cannot fit in a video. Those are the top reasons. I allowed people to use my translations as long as they tell me first and credit/link back (including re-translating into another language).

So like I always state at the end of my posts: If you want to use my translations for anything, ask me first. Please don’t copy/paste/edit my translations elsewhere without my knowledge. If you take advantage of my hard work, don’t expect me to 给你面子.

Lastly, if you enjoy my blog content, you may consider buying me a ko-fi ( If not, a simple “thank you” and/or comments are always appreciated. This applies to any translator – please take the initiative to show them your appreciation.

《何以趋暖》天官赐福 – English Translation

I hesitated a lot in translating another 双玄 song (师青玄 (Shi Qing Xuan) and 贺玄 (He Xuan)), from 天官赐福 (Heaven Official’s Blessing). Especially this one, due to the heavy angst. But I finally steeled myself. Merry Christmas in advance…? The original song is Fujita Maiko’s Aki Fuurin. Spoilers.

There is no video link on youtube, so please visit the original bilibili link instead (pasted below).

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《青鬼的控诉》天官赐福 – English Translation

Translation of a 戚容 (Qi Rong), 天官赐福 (Heaven Official’s Blessing) fansong (requested by Miko). Don’t consume anything while watching to this in case you choke while laughing… also this character curses a lot so I took liberty with the English swear words haha. Some spoilers.

EDIT: The youtube link got taken down so please watch via the original bilibili link below.

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