Amnesia Later & Clock Zero VFB

Another recent buy is the Amnesia Later Visual Fanbook, and Clock Zero Visual Fanbook. The Amnesia Later VFB came with the Snow White Ukyou print (lol). The Clock Zero portrait DOES NOT come with the VFB. It came when I bought the game and I’m using it as a marker in the photos. Lots of photos underneath and potential spoilers for Amnesia (Later) and Clock Zero.

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Amnesia Later: Orion & Concluding Thoughts

Yes, here’s the last post for Amnesia Later!  I’ll go through the unlocked story (after finishing literally everything else) for Orion (CV: Igarashi Hiromi) and later my concluding thoughts. But do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

Orion Mode” follows the end Ukyou’s route from the first game (but the contents of Ukyou’s route in the FD don’t happen). Here, Ukyou is away for three weeks as he’s forced to take on a job at some remote rainforest (lol) so it’ll be hard to keep in contact due to almost zero reception. Anyway, you’re trying to pass time without feeling too lonely and you decide to wander around certain areas – including the park. There, you chance upon a young boy taking a nap in the grass, and suddenly you see flashbacks of Ukyou doing the same and the young boy. As the boy wakes up, he’s surprised to see that it’s late already, and even more shocked to see you. You wonder if you’ve met before and he points out that he picked up your handkerchief before and that only – before zipping off.


Amnesia Later: Ukyou’s route

So the last guy from Amnesia Later is none other than Ukyou (CV: Miyata Kouki). Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you approach Ukyou who gets really shaken, demanding that you can’t get defenseless around him. You recall talking with Ukyou before about how he wants to take photos of fireflies with you. So with Orion’s persuasion, you force him to accompany you as he should take responsibility for failing to see any fireflies lol. He gives in but tells you to wait as the guys are having a watergun fight with Kent’s specially-made coloured ink (which will disappear when it dries up). Ukyou shoots them all down like a pro in a flash, much to everyone’s surprise, wondering if he’s an ex-assassin lol. Apparently he was barefoot so that he could walk around soundlessly, though everyone couldn’t comprehend since it looks painful. But of course Ukyou says that this pain is nothing. The guys agree to hold a rematch next week, and Ukyou is so touched that he tears up.


Amnesia Later: Ikki’s route

Now here’s some Ikki (CV: Taniyama Kishou) from Amnesia Later for you. Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

Like in Kent’s “New World“, you follow Ikki and Kent for a two and a half drive to Shinano, where there’s a higher chance of spotting fireflies. Ikki mentions that the two of them often go out on impromptu trips and even challenges like this, recalling how once they drove up to the forest to see who can find the biggest beetle – though it ended up in naught and they both went to get ice-cream instead lol. At the destination, all of you head out but there’s no luck and Kent guesses that it’s ‘cos the weather it’s too cold and maybe they all died last night.


Amnesia Later: Toma’s route

Now it’s time for Toma (CV: Hino Satoshi) in Amnesia Later. Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you go to Toma’s side, who points out Shin, Ikki and Kent all hyped up about building a dam in the river. Initially it was Ikki and Kent’s awesome idea (lol) and Shin went to stop them but ended up helping them too as he keeps pointing out all the flaws and strengthening the dam instead. Anyway, after talking a bit with Toma, you recall being together with him in yukata in school as well so Orion suggests making an excuse to get him to go to school with you.


Amnesia Later: Shin’s route

So finally I’m here with Shin (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) from Amnesia Later. Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you head over to where Shin and Toma are, who observe that Ikki and Kent found a kid’s secret hideout and plan to make it even grander (lmao these two). Toma decides to go stop them, since if Shin goes he’ll probably get pulled into joining them. Toma also says that Shin has been furiously searching on his mobile phone for alternative firefly-sighting spots and tells him to bring you for a walk around those spots then.


Amnesia Later: Kent’s route

Let’s hope I don’t get lazy reviewing the other guys like the last time, as I start with Kent (CV: Ishida Akira) again for Amnesia Later. Do read the previous post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you join Kent and Ikki for a two and a half drive to Shinano, where there’s a higher chance of spotting fireflies. Of course, you get to see Kent trying to be all cool and logical, while Ikki secretly tells you that him being silent is him being happy that you accepted their offer lol. At the destination, all of you head out but later notice that the flashlight is dying down. Ikki offers to go back to get batteries and that means about an hour of you being alone with Kent.


Amnesia Later: Waka, Girls’ Party

“……What’s with that face-“
It’s my face of joy seeing you again Orion! (●´∀`)ノ+゜*。

So I started on the fandisk Amnesia Later. As a basic introduction of the game flow, you can only start on “New World”, which is a short alternate story to the original game. The heroine still lost her memory and Orion’s at her side, it’s still August, but there’s no crazy stalker guy, no crazy fanclub, no one after your life. Everyone dotes on you and everything seems dandy as everyone decides to go watch some fireflies with Ukyou’s directions. Oh, and you recall making a promise to go firefly-watching again this summer. From there you branch off and unlock more content: the “After Story” of each main guy, “Waka-san World”, “Girls’ Party”. Once all is cleared, you unlock “Orion Mode”.

Of course, there will be spoilers for the original game ‘cos it’s assumed that you played it already. Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, I’m just going with “you” lol. I couldn’t decide on a playing order for the main guys so I did the extras first. Below you’ll find an introduction to New World, review of Waka and the girls’ branches there, as well as “Waka-san World”, and “Girls’ Party”.