Hideyoshiko’s triple 2012 dose

So for today’s post, I’ll be reviewing the following by Hideyoshiko: Kare no Barairo no Jinsei (彼のバラ色の人生), published by Cab, Tokyo Mangasha in 2012. It’s a sequel to the title story of Ringo ni HachimitsuKanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun (金持ち君と貧乏君) , published by Gateau, Ichijinsha in 2012. And gateau volume 10 which has special chapters for her three “??-kun to ??-kun” titles – Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun, Negative-kun to Positive-kun, and Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun. (Sorry for the blur photos.)

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Ameiro Paradox & Ikasama Memori

We all have a few names whom we’ve learnt to “place faith” in, ‘cos we enjoyed their previous works. I guess Natsume Isaku is one such person for me, though I admit that her name isn’t among the top few I would say aloud first when asked for my favourites. My backlog of reads is worse than my games’ backlog, so I thought it would be good to do another double review right about now.

So recently, I finally sat down to read two buys from her: Ameiro Paradox (飴色パラドックス) is one of her ongoing series, published in 2010 by Dear+, Shinshokan. While Ikasama Memori (いかさまメモリ) is her other more recent ongoing series, published in 2011 by Cheri+, Shinshokan. I read Ikasama Memori first though, so I’ll review it before Ameiro Paradox.

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Cello Mellow & Ameoto no Uta

While I’m starting on a new otome game, I decided to review two beloved titles from two of my favourite mangaka. Cello Mellow (セロ・メロウ) is Tagura Tohru’s sole tankoubon dabbling with BL as of now. Published in 2010 by Rutile, Gentosha Comics. And yes, like my previous Ishino Aya review, it is explicitly printed inside to not reproduce the content anywhere so I’m going to do my best to respect their wishes.

The other title is Ameoto no Uta (雨音の唄) by Inoue Nawo, published in 2010 by Craft, Taiyou Tosho. It was licensed in English by DMP (Digital Manga Guild) late last year as The Song of Rainfall.

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Ringo ni Hachimitsu

Taking a quick break from otome game reviews to review something I recently finished reading. (I’m done playing with Hook’s Best End, so rest assure I’m making progress there lol.)

Ringo ni Hachimitsu (リンゴに蜂蜜) is Hideyoshiko’s other work published in 2011, by Marble Comics, Tokyo Mangasha. Due to the positive online reviews I decided to give this a go and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s not as light-hearted as Negative-kun to Positive-kun, but not as serious as Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun either. I suppose it’s somewhere in the middle in that aspect.

This consists of two main stories: the title story which spans over two chapters, as well as Sekai no Owari no Natsu Moyou (世界の終わりのなつもよう) which is made up of three chapters. The title story is more light-hearted and revolves around the sweet couple on the cover page. The second one has a more serious tone and pulls in the rumour of the world ending in 2012.

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Je t’aime, café noir

I finally got around to this review: Je t’aime, café noir by Yamashita Tomoko, published by Daria, Frontier Works in 2009. I’m absolutely in love with this woman’s stuff, though this collection of works seems to be relatively lesser known as compared to her other stuff.

Maybe the cover is deceiving, but all seven oneshots inside do involve a homosexual character or relationship. However, every one of them takes rather unique angles and have a nice, bittersweet aftertaste to them. Like most of her works, there is hardly any sexual content and most of the charm comes from the lovely narration and awkwardness of the characters.

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Negative-kun to Positive-kun

Negative-kun to Positive-kun (ネガティブ君とポジティブ君) is a rather recent work by Hideyoshiko, published by Gateau, Ichijinsha in 2011. Both the title and cover seemed pretty cute so I decided to try it out, even though I read her first work (Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun) and it didn’t leave a deep impression on me.

The description wrapped around it pretty much sums up the feel of this title (つまりバカで、やさしくて、しあわせなマンガなのです), which roughly translates into: In other words it’s a foolish, gentle, and happy manga.

The title is rather self-explanatory: Fujiwara Jun is the bespectacled guy, who gets extremely good grades, reads a lot, and worries about the worst possible outcomes. Tachibana Shin is the complete opposite. He’s the bright, sporty guy who can’t study and often sees the cup as half-full. Yet, the two of them are a couple – a foolish, loving couple I guess.

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Two titles by Ishino Aya

Ever since I bought and read both her Tsubaki no Biyori and Tsubaki no Dayori, I was immediately charmed by Ishino Aya’s style (both in terms of art and story-telling). Naturally I had to try out her other titles, even if they were BL.

Both Koi nado touni Joujushiteta (恋などとうに成就してた) and her latest release Amanojaku no Koi (あまのじゃくの恋) were published by Gentosha Comics, and explicitly print inside to not reproduce the content anywhere so I’m going to do my best to respect their wishes. So all I took are photos of the front covers with Akira and Shiki trolling. Plus, I don’t want to spoil too much so please bear with my review. /cough

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