Oujisama (Warai) Series Official Fan Book, miko Artbook TOIRO×Stripes!


I don’t know when I can get to my next review, and didn’t want my last game review to remain on top so I made this post lol. Also, it’s been a while since I posted about fanbooks and/or artbooks. AND today happens to be Ishida’s birthday so I wanted to listen to something with him too~ So I’ll just introduce briefly the contents of the Oujisama (Warai) Series Official Fan Book (yes in case you haven’t heard, it got one) and the drama CD which accompanies it. After that I’ll show the contents of miko’s gorgeous artbook, TOIROxStripes! \o/ I don’t think her illustrations give away game spoilers, but if you’d like to stay on the safe side then don’t look past this line I guess.

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OZMAFIA!!, Shigure hen

2013-07-09 21.37.23

Another order came! I’m going broke this year. I ordered OZMAFIA!! from comicomi studio as I wanted to get some other stuff too, including the Taisho Mebiusline drama CD for Shigure. So I got the extras from comicomi studio too.

I don’t plan of posting about Shigure’s drama CD, as all you’ll get is probably me squealing lol. I’ll see when I’ll get to OZMAFIA!!. I’m playing Getsuei no Kusari now (just announced that it’s getting a FD by the way). It’ll take me a while to get the first post up as the game is pretty long…I think. If I end up finding it depressing (as I keep hearing from everyone) I may pick up a light-hearted game and alternate routes with it. Don’t mind the “quietness” of the blog till then~

Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru

Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru is the second volume in Operetta’s『耳で感じる乙女ゲーム』シリーズ (literally, the otome game series which you feel with your ears). It has multiple endings with either guy and taking note that the cast uses their pseudo-names, you can expect it to have R-18 content. Also if you guess from the drama CD title, you should expect some degree of…extreme behaviour lol. I don’t mean to turn people away though ‘cos I actually did enjoy this drama CD.

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Kareshi Igai ~Kouhai to no Ayamachi~

Drama CD (plus free postcards)

Kareshi Igai ~Kouhai to no Ayamachi~ is the third doujin drama CD in the ‘Kareshi Igai’ series by Cineria. It features Okamoto Nobuhiko, who plays your kouhai (junior) – and your so-called ‘cheating’ partner. Like the first drama CD I reviewed, your character has a current boyfriend already but you’re ‘cheating’ with Okamoto’s character. Again, Cineria doesn’t actually encourage cheating, but they would like people to think about what exactly is considered as cheating – whether it be a physical relationship, or maybe just a change of feelings within your heart.

I decided to get this one since Cineria would sometimes tweet in-character, meaning they’re kinda ‘roleplaying’ the character through their twitter. They introduced Kanamori Tsubame there since late 2011 and I quite enjoyed his interactions. He turned a bit different than expected but perhaps it’s ‘cos in the drama CD he’s really wooing the girl.

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Aoiza Ibunroku Saien, Jyuzaengi, B’sLOG, Kaori Wakamatsu Artbook

Back with some buys so I’ll clear these in this post before continuing with my review posts. I’ll briefly do the usual of describing the contents of Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien, and Jyuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ Limited Edition. They’re both such mouthfuls so I’ll refer to them as Aoiza Ibunroku & Jyuzaengi from now on! Next shall just go through a bit of content of B’sLOG though not everything since I’m quite lazy. Lastly, I’ll briefly go through the Kaori Wakamatsu Artbook – and hopefully you will become fans of her art by then lol. Image-heavy post!

As you can see, Aoiza Ibunroku the remake game simply comes a preorder drama CD. I was given the choice of getting the maker tokuten or not (price included/deducted respectively) and I decided not to get it since Ishida wasn’t inside… /bricked

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おとめドラ #1

Otomedora is a new magazine, dedicated to otome drama CDs, which was just released this week. To be honest I bought the magazine more for the cover (I can’t resist Hoshizuki-sensei) and then partly for the insert CD that comes with it. In any case, that kinda corresponds with my eventual impressions after I actually bought and flipped through the magazine. Anyway, I’ll try to briefly let everyone know what to expect from this first issue. By the way, the Hoshizuki-sensei postcard is NOT included with the magazine! It’s my own marker for the photos. And this post will be image-heavy!

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Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Concluding Thoughts & Drama CD

Ending off my Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan journey are my concluding thoughts for the game as a whole, as well as a brief description of the pre-order and deluxe edition drama CDs. This is so that people can get a better idea of what to expect for the drama CDs too if you are interested in buying. I’ll try to keep the spoilers to the minimum so that this can act as a non-spoiler review too.

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Dream Say★You Collection: Mitsumeru Saki ni Aishi no Kanojo

ドリー夢 Say★You コレクション: 見つめる先に愛しの彼女 is a drama CD & comic by B’s-LOG, featuring Ishida Akira and Miyano Mamoru. The title “ドリー夢 Say★You” is actually a play on words (as confirmed from how it is pronounced in the drama CD) – Dream Seiyuu – which gives you an idea of what this is about. You get to imagine yourself performing side by side with fellow seiyuu (voice actors), and specifically, this is geared towards a female audience. This is the third in the series which features two seiyuu, and actually there was a previous series (ドリー夢Voiceブック) which only featured one seiyuu.

For this, Ishida Akira plays Shindou Chiaki: a student teacher, whom you (the heroine) used to know and live next to. Miyano Mamoru plays Koyama Satoru: the fellow classmate who is quite the mood-maker. There is a short original story introducing you to such a context and things eventually play up to receiving confessions from both of them. This then splits into two separate after stories, where you choose either one or the other.

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