Aishite ageru nya! -Boku no Pet- vol.1

Aishite ageru nya! -Boku no Pet- is a drama CD by Frontier Works. Similar to my previous drama CD review, this is also the first of the series, and features Ishida Akira.

The context is that Ishida Akira plays Seito Keiichi, a system engineer who lives with his (female) pet cat, Silk. Obviously, he loves his cat to death (not exaggerating) and you’re supposed to imagine that he’s pampering you, if you want to. However, that’s only the first 10 tracks and 14th track. After that, Ishida is forced to also does tracks where his “pet” is a snake, bike, and daikon. Lastly, is his free talk, with an unexpected hidden track at the end.

I’ve always had this image of Frontier Works, that they have some of the most random and silliest (but enjoyable) drama CDs. These include the successful Oujisama (Warai) series, and their upcoming plans for Pasta Mafia. So when I heard of this, I couldn’t quite picture it as the usual otome drama CD. And well, I was proven right in a way.

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Amnesia VFB and others

This arrived way faster than expected. I’ll try to avoid turning into a jumble of fangirling, and show the contents of the Amnesia Visual Fanbook, as well as the Clock Zero PSP, Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Limited/Deluxe Editions. In that way you can know what to expect if you’re interested in getting them. Lots of photos underneath and potential spoilers for Amnesia.

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Kareshi Igai ~Douryou to no Ayamachi~

Drama CD (plus free postcards)

Kareshi Igai ~Douryou to no Ayamachi~ is a doujin drama CD by Cineria. This looks like the first of a ‘Kareshi Igai’ series, and this time it features Ishida Akira. If you are unable to guess by now, I am a huge sucker for this voice actor, which is a huge reason why I bought this.

Another contributing factor is that the premises of this drama CD seemed rather unique. As the title suggests, the character Ishida Akira plays is someone other than your supposed current boyfriend – so yes, in the context of this drama CD, you are supposedly…well, cheating.

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