Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Housen’s Route

This continues from the (short) PrologueSanyuutei Housen (CV: Koyasu Takehito) works as a hanashika, though he soon joins Aoiza on their journeys. As expected, he’s well-spoken and often stops at nothing to learn about all sorts of information. Aoi comes to enjoy conversing with him as she grows accustomed to the Meiji era too. This is unlocked after finishing your second route in the game, so it’s best to read someone else’s route prior to this.


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Hisoka’s Route

This continues from the (short) Prologue. Sarutobi Hisoka (CV: Nakai Kazuya) runs Miyoshino and often helps Aoiza out with their work such as the finances. He also has excellent skills in cooking, and comes from the same birth village as Rin. Though he doesn’t speak much, he’s extremely observant and looks out for Aoi in his own way. This is unlocked after finishing your first route in the game, so it’s best to read someone else’s route prior to this.


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Kikaku’s Route

This continues from the (short) PrologueKotobuki Kikaku (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) has an extremely serious personality, so he takes everything word for word. This leads to him often lecturing the others even if it’s clearly meant as a joke…and others also teasing him (lol). Even though he doesn’t accept Aoi’s existence at first, he is soon convinced and ends up protecting his “princess” very faithfully and carefully.


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Hachi’s Route

This continues from the (short) PrologueHachisuka Youta (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa), nicknamed as “Hachi” by others, is cheerful and optimistic. This personality of his in turn, rubs off Aoi from the very start. He also does his best to cheer Aoi up. Though you could say that Hachi is slow on the uptake and often teased by others, he loves his place in Aoiza. He usually does backstage stuff or very minor performing roles, but still takes pride in them.


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Seiji’s Route

This continues from the (short) Prologue. Oosuga Seiji (CV: Ishida Akira) is a a soldier and a regular watcher of Aoiza’s performances. He grew interested in Aoi from first sight and would talk to her when he can, though he does get along (somewhat) with the rest of the members too. Seiji is always polite and thinking for Aoi he’s the most adorable thing ever. Aoi finds it comfortable talking to him and they hit off from the start. It is advised to read any of the previous routes first before this since it would make more sense that way (he is only unlocked on the second playthrough for a reason).


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Nanami’s Route

This continues from the (short) Prologue. Suwa Nanami (CV: Miki Shinichirou) is a laidback guy who would rather laze around with some alcohol, even though he’s rather nimble with his hands. He also likes to slip away to gamble and Kikaku often lectures him for setting a bad example to the younger ones. But in truth, he takes care of the members in his own way, as suggested by how Hachi relies on him and  calls him oyabun. For Aoi, Nanami also looks out for her and would treat her to a good meal each time she does something successfully. He even follows up Aoi’s (lame) puns lol.


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Rin’s Route

This continues from the (short) PrologueArakane Rin (CV: Kaji Yuuki) usually takes on the female roles for Aoiza, but not after Aoi’s appearance. That’s partly why Aoi would be under his spartan training, though it’s also ‘cos he unexpectedly looks out for her in his own way. The resident tsundere and shinobi born from the same village as Hisoka, he also has a dog called Moni. He asked Hisoka to have an open-air bath in Miyoshino and enjoys his alone time there – though for some reason Aoi keeps spotting him inside by accident.


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Kensuke’s Route

This continues from the (short) Prologue. Kaminari Kensuke (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) is the reliable leader of Aoiza, so he takes most of the responsibility of giving out instructions for the team’s front and back jobs. He looks out a lot for Aoi, but also enjoys teasing her and flirts openly. Kensuke also has an uncanny resemblance to Aoi’s childhood friend, Sousuke, in terms of appearance and even some personality traits. (This post will have the most game background explanation.)


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien Prologue

So I decided to start on Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien, as I predict it would be shorter to complete (?) and I’m not ready to read about my Chinese history in Japanese yet (meanwhile, I’ll go refresh my memory on it). So the main difference in this remake is that there are about 30 new CGs, some tokimeki kirakira system, a reference to the jargon-ish terms, character profiles, and three side characters get their own routes too. Other than that, I think the main story is the same.

The prologue is actually quite short. But since the game operates in that once this prologue is over you pick the guy to go after, I might as well do a prologue post.