Quick Reviews: Steel Wood, Last Escort ~Club Katze~ (PSP), Lucian Bee’s (PSP), Renai Banchou (non-spoiler)

So I’ve been telling myself to not start on “new” otome games and to finish up on the unfinished ones lol. Or rather, I actually just really want to start on DMMd. Anyway, I’ve completed five PSP games: Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steel Wood, Last Escort ~Club Katze~, Lucian Bee’s Evil Violet & Justice Yellow, Renai Banchou. Since I haven’t wrote anything on Lucian Bee’s Resurrection Supernova, I’ll review that too.

These are all 2010 releases by the way, what a coincidence~ ‘Cos I’d actually completed some routes in 2010/2011, I can’t do an indepth review, so am going with a general one. I’ll try to keep spoilers to the minimum! Even if they are any, it’s nothing specific to a character route, just stuff I’d like to mention to interest people.

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