Food @ Tokyo Disney Resort

I was contemplating before on twitter if I should post more about my travels (and food). People seemed to be interested, and blogging has always been a good way for me to archive my experiences. I’m not a gourmet by any means, so please don’t expect expert opinions!

I also like visiting Tokyo Disney Resort when I’m in Japan escapism so I thought that I can share about the eateries there. Since I like visiting themed cafes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I like to go for seasonal menus. As mentioned, I’m not an expert so please focus more on enjoying the photos!


Otomate Party 2018

Sooo again for those who follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I went for Otomate Party 2018 this year. If I dare say so myself, I tweeted a very detailed account so if you want to read about what happened during the event itself, please check our my twitter. (Or you can buy the DVD when it is released!)

Also, I made an introduction post last year. So this post will just be a short add-on to that, with regards to some of the new information I learned this year!

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7th Year Anniversary + Cafe Digest

Happy 7th anniversary to us! I feel that as time goes by, blogs will fade away since we have RL commitments. But I still enjoy posting now and then. So to anyone still following us, thanks for sticking around and hope you’ve been enjoying the posts.

I know I said in my last anniversary post (oops hah) that I have a tendency to visit themed cafes, and will post about them one by one. Well I guess I shelved it till now… I did make a list of themed cafes I visited and it’s easily over 10. At this pace, it’ll take me forever to write about them. So I’ll do a digest and for starters, I’ll choose the cafes which I think will interest people more.


Otomate Party 2017

For those who follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I had went through with the crazy idea of going for Otomate Party 2017 since June this year. Well, the wait for me was finally over, as the event took place early this September! So if you want to read about what happened during the event itself, please go to my twitter. (Or you can buy the DVD when it is released!)

This post will be more of a introduction to “what should I do if I want to go for future Otomate Party sessions?”. I felt that it was difficult for me to search for such information in a consolidated place, so hopefully my experience will be helpful for you – if you are considering this idea.

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6th Year Anniversary + Otomate Cafe

For anyone still following, happy 6th anniversary to us! I’m relieved that my motivation for the past year picked up. As you can see, my playing speed is much faster when I don’t have to write spoiler posts. However, I do like checking my spoiler posts as and when for personal reference. So I think I will do a mix of them from now on.

Also, I see that quite a few people enjoyed my last post about otome-related places in Japan. I have a tendency to visit themed cafes, so I’m going to try to do my best recall my experiences, and post about them one by one. Of course, I will also write about any other interesting places or events I visit. For starters, I will describe my experience at Otomate Cafe, since I think many otome fans are curious about it!

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5th Year Anniversary + sharing about Japan


So…8 months flew past without us posting much, and the 5th year anniversary arrived last month. ;; Well, there were some changes in RL, but to be honest the bigger reason is probably that I have very low motivation at the moment. (Yet I’m wasting time on mobile games) But I do hope to at least finish something this year haha. Though if you don’t mind posts about mobile games, I can write something up too.

We haven’t prepared anything for this year. But we see that this blog is still getting views and the few comments here and there, probably thanks to our old posts. So thank you so much for that!

It’s not much, but below I plan to share some places about Japan. More specifically, stores which otome fans like myself may be interested in. Then again, you may already know them, but for those who don’t – hope you find it interesting!