Collar x Malice -Unlimited-

Here’s my review of Collar x Malice -Unlimited- (minor spoilers). The only graphics I’ll show are the title screens, random screenshots of the interface, and two non-spoiler CGs. However, since this is the FD, you should expect spoilers from the first game – namely about ADONIS.

with minor spoilers

NORN9: Senri, Kakeru, Masamune


I’ll be covering the three guy’s routes for Koharu (CV: Fujimura Ayumi). First, some basic information about her. She basically grew up pretty much alone and isolated, and only learned about the world through books. She was told by the traveller that a ship would come fetch her when she’s 17 years old and release her from her loneliness. So ever since then she looked forward to that day and really wants to get along with everyone and not be hated. Her power is to control fire but she fears of being suspected as the betrayer and desperately keeps quiet about this. She’s polite, naive, and almost tries to absorb information about the world like a sponge by keeping notes. She has a lack of suspicion and usually takes people’s words as they are. You may wanna read Senri’s route first for a basic outline, including common events.


Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai!

In Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai!, Manabe Aya is suddenly made the school chairperson by the former chairperson aka her uncle. Everyone is taken aback but eventually is persuaded to give Aya a one year trial to see if she’s suited for the job or not. The student council decides to look over her progress, since this decision would affect the well-being of the school. The common route of the game differs from person to person, depending on what decisions you make in the game. So I won’t be doing a full-blown review, and will just write down pointers, the basic individual story of each character route, and my overall thoughts.


Issho ni Gohan

Issho ni Gohan is based off a drama CD series. In the game, our heroine, Mugibata Akane, is a 1st year at Hanarenjyaku University of Cooking. Unfortunately, her part-time workplace just went bankrupt and her funds are running low and she can barely make ends meet – so much so that she collapses from hunger one day! Fortunately, Satou helps her out and even offers her to take over his position of managing  Meshi Yasou, an apartment for Hanarenjyaku students, as he’s leaving soon. Akane decides to take up his kind offer and so begins her days at Meshi Yasou~ This is a pretty straightforward game and you can finish each character rather quickly, so I won’t be doing a full-blown review of all the character routes.


Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Rin’s Route

This continues from the (short) PrologueArakane Rin (CV: Kaji Yuuki) usually takes on the female roles for Aoiza, but not after Aoi’s appearance. That’s partly why Aoi would be under his spartan training, though it’s also ‘cos he unexpectedly looks out for her in his own way. The resident tsundere and shinobi born from the same village as Hisoka, he also has a dog called Moni. He asked Hisoka to have an open-air bath in Miyoshino and enjoys his alone time there – though for some reason Aoi keeps spotting him inside by accident.