Collar x Malice -Unlimited-

Here’s my review of Collar x Malice -Unlimited- (minor spoilers). The only graphics I’ll show are the title screens, random screenshots of the interface, and two non-spoiler CGs. However, since this is the FD, you should expect spoilers from the first game – namely about ADONIS.

with minor spoilers

Yunohana SpRING!

After 2 years (oops), here’s my review of Yunohana SpRING!. It’s a straightforward story, so this will be a simple review. The only graphics I’ll show are the title screen, screenshots of the interface and background art, and CGs already shown on the official website.

spoilers ahead

Renai Banchou 2: Midnight Lesson!!!

Renai Banchou 2: Midnight Lesson!!! is the continuation to Renai Banchou, but this time it features the rival banchou characters from the previous game as well as a few new ones. The set-up is exactly the same, in which the heroine goes to ask for some love advice and so you can pick from the eight characters to be her temporary boyfriend over the course of one year. Since there isn’t much of a plot and it is more event-driven, I would just be doing a general review and so…I don’t think there would be much spoilers? Or I’ll only mention a few to prove my point.

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Custom Drive: Kannagi Shion & Concluding Thoughts

Again, no screenshots of the default personality lines so…o3o;

Last guy is the student council president, Kannagi Shion (CV: Kimura Ryouhei). Like Riito’s, I have two missing CGs but I consider myself done with this game! Once again, I’ll be giving the basic story of Shion’s route, his different personalities, endings, specific pointers for his route, and my overall thoughts for his route and the game.

Some spoilers