Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Arsène Lupin

Here is the last of the the after stories,  Arsène Lupin (CV: Maeno Tomoaki). Enjoy!



Ken ga Kimi (non-spoiler)


I finished Rejet’s Ken ga Kimi quite a while back. But honestly, as much as I enjoyed it I don’t know if I have the time and energy to go back and write a detailed review for the game. So I thought that at least, for now, I should write a non-spoiler review for it. I don’t know how much it’ll help others since everyone by now should have heard something about it. But hopefully my post can offer another (non-spoiler) opinion of Ken ga Kimi.

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Clock Zero PSP: Riichirou’s route

Clock Zero (PSP) seemed to fall nicely after Shinigami to Shoujo (with similar ideas of time and stuff, with quite a heavy dash of sad moments), so I decided to do this first. I went after Kanou Riichirou (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) first since many said he’s a fitting first choice. He’s the obligatory childhood friend but as compared to some of the childhood friends in other games, he’s not as annoying (lol) and despite acting all cool in the beginning, he warms up quickly and has plenty of sweet moments later in the game.