Glass Heart Princess: Platinum: After Story, Triangle Date


Merry Christmas! Here’s the next post for Glass Heart Princess: Platinum! You’ll find the remaining sections: After stories and the Triangle Dates. Naturally there will be spoilers for the first game.



Glass Heart Princess: Platinum: Resort, Side, Satsuki

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0037

So we got our FD, Glass Heart Princess: Platinum! Since the FD is divided into several sections, I’ll be doing the same for my posts to keep things neat. In this first post, I’ll be going through the Resort, Side stories and Satsuki’s…umm route? Naturally there will be spoilers for the first game.


Amnesia Crowd: Working, Orion & Concluding Thoughts

My last post for Amnesia Crowd. There will be spoilers for the previous games – in particular Ukyou and Orion. Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu”. Do read the first Amnesia Crowd post for the basic game flow. /lazy Below you’ll find an introduction to Working mode and Orion’s room, review of the mini-events from Working mode, and the bonus Orion scenario you get for getting all the quiz questions correct.


Glass Heart Princess

Glass Heart Princess is a pretty straightforward game and you can finish each character rather quickly, so I won’t be doing a full-blown review of all the character routes. I’ll just explain the set-up, pointers, the basic  story + memorable moments + each guy’s route, and my overall thoughts.


Amnesia Later: Ukyou’s route

So the last guy from Amnesia Later is none other than Ukyou (CV: Miyata Kouki). Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you approach Ukyou who gets really shaken, demanding that you can’t get defenseless around him. You recall talking with Ukyou before about how he wants to take photos of fireflies with you. So with Orion’s persuasion, you force him to accompany you as he should take responsibility for failing to see any fireflies lol. He gives in but tells you to wait as the guys are having a watergun fight with Kent’s specially-made coloured ink (which will disappear when it dries up). Ukyou shoots them all down like a pro in a flash, much to everyone’s surprise, wondering if he’s an ex-assassin lol. Apparently he was barefoot so that he could walk around soundlessly, though everyone couldn’t comprehend since it looks painful. But of course Ukyou says that this pain is nothing. The guys agree to hold a rematch next week, and Ukyou is so touched that he tears up.