Podcast 9 + Happy (belated) 3rd Anniversary!

Happy (belated) 3rd anniversary to us! We’re late but at least we made it within the year! Here’s a random podcast put together by us on the topic of Vita otome games. Feel free to leave a comment – whether it be what (will prompt) prompted you to get a Vita, what Vita titles you are looking forward to, or anything else related to the topic. (Of course congratulatory greetings are most welcomed too. /o\)

Hope that the sound’s okay and that you enjoyed the random listen! I hope to be back with a Jyuuzaengi 2 post…later this year. Till then~

Podcast 7 + small notice

This marks the end of the 30 day otome game meme for us. :’3 Be warned of the following game spoiler:

  • 18:55-20:25 (Miyako)

We’re still unsure of what we’re going to do for future podcasts. Suggestions are most welcomed~ In the meantime, we’re currently planning something for Halloween. Till then!

Podcast 6 + Happy (belated) 1st Anniversary!

Podcast 6 has been uploaded! I apologise in advance for the noise from my side. /o\ Also, do take note of the spoilers mentioned below:

  • 16:28-19:00 (Amnesia Later)

In addition, it’s our (super belated) 1st anniversary~ It’s been more than one year since we’ve been around! Our travel videos were part of the ‘celebration’. You may have also noticed that we’ve been making minor changes to our blog too, such as updating the About page, the blog layout and banner (drawn by Chromite!) etc.

Thanks for all the support so far! Hope you enjoy the random stuff and we hope to stick around longer~ \o/

EDIT: For Day 19, please see our respective non-spoiler reviews for the sample (background) art. 8’D

Podcast 4!

Hi, here’s yet another podcast!

It’s back to us answering the otome game meme but this time there are spoilers! Please skip these parts if you don’t wish to be spoiled on the following:

  • 1:05 – 2:02 (Fukuchi’s route, HaruToki5)
  • 2:48 – 5:27 (On Tooya in Ao’s route, Shinigami to Shoujo – but overall, a MAJOR plot spoiler /can’t stress enough)
  • 6:12 – 10:14 (Ukyou’s route, Amnesia – may affect enjoyment of other routes; 9:34 – 10:14 is minor theme spoilers on Steins;Gate and Clock Zero though lol)

Hope you enjoyed our extremely random talk! As mentioned, we will soon be disappearing till end July. Till then~ /o\

Podcast 2~

Hi! We recorded our second podcast rather impromptu haha. Sorry for my retarded-ness, especially at the start. /o\ Anyway, please bear with the slow start! This time, we talked about stuff like lives, music, heroines and favourite relationships~

Hope that you enjoyed this listen too! Again, if there’s any comments, request or questions, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks and till the next one~


Hey guys!

Earlier on, we told you that we have something planned and this is it!

Hope you enjoyed our very first and awkward podcast!

If you have anything to request or want us to answer on the next podcast, tell us and leave a comment!

Stay tuned for the next one!