Jyuuzaengi 2: Shokatsu Ryou

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0012

Shokatsu Ryou (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) is one of the new characters in the sequel, the strategist who joins the Maozoku. Everything he speaks is tied down to logic and reason. While his decisions may come off as cold at first, ultimately he places the Maozoku’s safety as his top priority. Remember to read the Common Route first!



Jyuuzaengi 2: Common Route

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0001

After falling ill twice, being drained from work, and having otome-gaming drought – I thought that I should just throw in the towel for Getsuei FD (for now) and move onto my beloved Jyuuzaengi sequel. So after loooong period, I have finally finished the post for the Common Route for Jyuuzaengi 2! I’ll add in additional content, if there’s anything else to add as I play other routes. Like my review for the first game, I’ll  link up the correlations between the game and the historical novel it’s based on. Since this is a sequel, there will definitely be spoilers from the first game.


Kami naru Kimi to: Mikoto’s Route & Concluding Thoughts

The last route is Amatsukunihoshien no Mikoto’s (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), the former god of the Kunihoshi shrine with an easy-going personality and who likes to avoid troublesome stuff. Though he randomly has Sakuya take over his role, there appears to be a deeper reason behind his actions. Mikoto’s route is only unlocked after finishing everyone else’s, so I recommend reading all the previous reviews first; I’m not going into overlapping details. SPOILERS AHEAD

Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Jule’s Route

First up is Jule Rosemonde (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), a wanted assassin who is known to use poison and knives on his victims. He has evident scars on his throat and is pretty much “Sleeping Beauty” in the game – even though he usually sleeps 10 hours it’s still not enough for him and he often loses all killing intent when he gets tired and sleepy. Lisa decides to go after him, wondering if he’s come here for revenge since she interfered with his previous assassination attempt. Do read the Prologue first.