Kannou Mukashibanashi PSP

Based on the popular drama CD series of the same title by 5pb, Otomate decided to create Kannou Mukashibanashi PSP which features seven stories. Six of them are from volumes 1-6 of the drama CD series, and the seventh one is a brand new one. Like in the drama CD, Inoue Kazuhiko plays as your guide (heroine’s default name: Himeko). With each story narrated by a seiyuu each, Himeko experiences different story developments as a story character – well, with an “adult” touch to them.

The main catch of this is that, like the drama CDs, the cast record parts of their lines using the dummy head microphone to create a “3D” effect when you listen to them. For example, like he always does in each drama CD, the guide will tease your ears aplenty at the start as you put on your earphones/headphones (highly recommended to wear as you play the game).

I’ll be reviewing the whole game as briefly as I can, but enough to give you an idea of what to expect. Since I’ll be describing all of the stories’ different endings, there will be spoilers!