La Corda D’oro 3 AnotherSky feat. Jinnan (non-spoiler)


I finally finished La Corda D’oro 3 AnotherSky feat. Jinnan so here’s my non-spoiler review for it. Any CGs in the post will be ones already shown on the official website.

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Amnesia Crowd: Working, Orion & Concluding Thoughts

My last post for Amnesia Crowd. There will be spoilers for the previous games – in particular Ukyou and Orion. Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu”. Do read the first Amnesia Crowd post for the basic game flow. /lazy Below you’ll find an introduction to Working mode and Orion’s room, review of the mini-events from Working mode, and the bonus Orion scenario you get for getting all the quiz questions correct.


Amnesia Later: Ikki’s route

Now here’s some Ikki (CV: Taniyama Kishou) from Amnesia Later for you. Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

Like in Kent’s “New World“, you follow Ikki and Kent for a two and a half drive to Shinano, where there’s a higher chance of spotting fireflies. Ikki mentions that the two of them often go out on impromptu trips and even challenges like this, recalling how once they drove up to the forest to see who can find the biggest beetle – though it ended up in naught and they both went to get ice-cream instead lol. At the destination, all of you head out but there’s no luck and Kent guesses that it’s ‘cos the weather it’s too cold and maybe they all died last night.